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January 26 2013


Tempur-Pedic AlluraBed Generic Memory Foam Mattress Combo

Tempur-Pedic AlluraBed - Why pay $4,299 for the when you can get pretty much the same mattress for half that? We have researched the manufacturing process of mattresses and have found that all materials pretty much come from the same suppliers. So that means a generic brand mattress company will get their foams from the same place as a name brand company. Buy a generic brand mattress and save some money.

Tempurpedic allura bed - The Visco Crown PT memory foam mattress is an 13 inch extra soft foam mattress. It has 3 inches of pressure relieving, semi-open, breathable visco-elastic memory foam, and 2 inches of  higher density memory foam pillowtop with .5 inches of bamboo-infused memory foam for a cooler night’s sleep. The mattress is toxin free and built with natural and renewable resources. The Aloe Vera in the mattresses enhances the luxuriously soft feel of the fabrics. The Visco Crown PT is a well constructed memory foam mattress that you'll love sleeping on.

13 inch memory foam

Now get your memory foam mattress in a Sleep Comfort Combo on Amazon now! The combo comes with: Gel Microfiber Pillows(2), Brushed Microfiber Sheets Set, Encase Mattress Protector, and our 60-Day You Snooze, You Win Guarantee.

Tempur-Pedic AlluraBed

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